Pixymaths Questions - Summary of Topics

Strand Topic Number of Questions Grades
Number and Algebra
Algebraic Simplification100D - A*
Binomial Expansions50C - A*
Decimal Places and Significant Figures50E - A*
Equations100G - A*
Estimation and Calculation50C - A*
Exponential Equations25A - A*
Factorisation50D - A*
Factorisation of Quadratics50C - A*
Fractions75F - A*
Functions (using Quadratics)25A*
Graphs of Hyperbolas25A - A*
Graphs(Quadratics and Cubics)25C - A*
Greatest and Least Bounds50A - A*
HCF / LCM50C - A*
Indices75C - A*
Inequalities50C - A*
Inequalities (graphical)25B - A*
Interest and Depreciation50D - A*
Linear Graphs50C - A*
Money and Measurement Conversions50D - A*
Multiplication and Division by Multiples and Powers of Ten50D - A*
Negative Numbers50E - A*
Number Patterns50C - A*
Percentages50E - A*
Problems Requiring Equations50C - A*
Quadratic Equations50C - A*
Ratios75E - A*
Simplification Requiring Factorisation50B - A*
Simultaneous Equations50B - A*
Speed, Distance, Time25D - A*
Standard Form50B - A*
Substitution50E - A*
Surds50A - A*
Time50G - A*
Transposition50C - A*
Trial and Improvement25C - A*
Variation50A - A*
Shape Space and Measure
Angles100F - A*
Angles in Circles75C - A*
Arc Length and Area of Sector50A - A*
Area of Triangles25D - A*
Areas and Circumferences of Circles50D - A*
Areas of Parallelograms25D - A*
Areas of Trapezia25D - A*
Bearings50C - A*
Congruency25B - A*
Dimensions(Length, Area, Volume)25C - A*
Interior and Exterior Angles of Polygons25D - A*
Locus25C - A*
Measurement(Conversion and Scales)50E - A*
Perimeter and Area of Squares and Rectangles75E - A*
Pythagoras50C - A*
Similar Areas and Volumes25A - A*
Similar Triangles50B - A*
Sine and Cosine Graphs25A*
Symmetry50F - A*
Time/Distance Graphs25C - A*
Transformations100C - A*
Trigonometrical Equations25A*
Trigonometry75B - A*
Volume and Surface Area of Triangular Prisms25C - A*
Volumes and Surface Areas of Cubes and Cuboids50E - A*
Volumes and Surface Areas of Cylinders50C - A*
Volumes and Surface Areas of Spheres and Volumes of Cones50A - A*
Handling Data
Bar Charts25F - A*
Box and Whisker Diagrams25B - A*
Cumulative Frequency25B - A*
Histograms25A - A*
Mean, Mode and Median50F - A*
Means (Grouped)25C - A*
Moving Averages25B - A*
Pie Charts25B - A*
Probability50E - A*
Probability (using tables)25D - A*
Probability Tree Diagrams 25B - A*
Scatter Graphs25C - A*
Stem and Leaf Diagrams25E - A*
Stratified Samples25A - A*
Total Questions3500