How to use Pixymaths Revision Questions and Answers

  • Looking across the top of the Pixymaths web pages you can see menu buttons for Home, Register, Login, Examples, Instructions, Summary, Terms and Contact. After you have logged in as a registered user the selection of buttons will change to Home, Logout, Instructions, Summary, Terms and Contact.
    • Home: This button will return you to the first page of the website.
    • Register: Use this button to register to use the website. The payment and registration processes are detailed on the registration page. After registering and paying our one-off fee of £5.50 for an individual or £100 for a school, you will have full access to all 3,500 questions for a full calendar year from your date of registration.
      • The registration process is in three simple steps. First you complete the registration details, being careful that you select individual or school as appropriate. Once your details are complete, click on the register button at the foot of the page.
      • After a short pause, you will be taken to a PayPal page where you will enter your payment details.
      • Complete the payment details, you then review the payment and click on the pay button. Once PayPal have processed the payment, which should only take a few seconds, they will immediately advise Pixymaths that your payment has been processed successfully, the Pixymaths database will be updated to allow you access and you will be returned to the login page on the Pixymaths website.
      • Please note that you will not be able to access the Pixymaths revision questions until your payment has been made.
    • Login: Registered users will need to login each time they wish to access the questions and answers.
    • Examples: Click on this button to view the 20 sample questions.
    • Instructions: This is the current page.
    • Summary: This provides you with a list of all the topics that are available and also tells you the number of questions that have been devised for each topic.
    • Questions: This is where you will find the questions and answers.
      • Select Topic: Use the drop-down box to select your topic.
      • Select a Question: Attempt any of the questions that are listed. They can be done in any order and you can attempt as many as you like.
        When you have answered a question, click the box - "Click here for answer". The answer will be revealed.
        Remember to close the answer box before attempting another question.
    • Contact:This is where you can offer your comments and suggestions.